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edbarlow.com started as the Sybase Free Software Site and is now home to several popular free Sybase and Sql Server tools.

I am currently available for consulting, contract, and employee positions (  see resume ). My primary location is Stamford Connecticut - I welcome short term consults anywhere in the world. I specialize in management of large database environments. Please contact me about my GEM server management toolkit - a set of best of breed scripts that i have created over the past 16 years to manage large environments. I am available to demonstrate and set up this elegant dba toolkit.

I am writing a book on best practices in database administration and database development. This book covers both technology and process and is focused on large installations (100+ database servers). Chapters include workflow & ticketing, monitoring, effective runbooks, application/data documentation, standards, recent technologies & big data, security, benchmarking & profiling, incident & change, upgrades, backups & dr, large databases, and modern database development. Lots of insight. Lots of code. Its a holistic view of how to best manage your data. Please reach out if you are interested in reviewing a copy.

This site is undergoing a full facelift - please check back soon as i intend to add several tools to this page.

My most popular tool is the widely used Extended System Stored Procedure Library for Sybase and Sql Server which has been freely available for almost 20 years and which has many thousand installs worldwide.

Additionally i support a free perl based Database Backup and Maintenance Package for sybase and sql server. This package was originally developed in 1996 and has been widely distributed and is considered highly stable. I consider it an excellent set of maintenance scripts for unix/sybase. The scripts also support sql server, but the tremendous stability increase since sql 2000 mean that you should only use it in circumstances where the native sql server backup scripts do not function well.

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